Here's what you need to know about jewelry insurance

Q. I have a lot of jewelry. Do I have to insure each piece individually?

Blanket coverage—which means you don’t need to identify each item in advance of a loss—is fine if you have a number of less-expensive items.  

If you own items worth several thousand dollars apiece (or more), it’s best to get specific coverage, where the appraisal is written into a separate jewelry policy

Q. Will I be covered if my jewelry is lost, or only if it’s stolen?

Unlike your items under your renters insurance or co-op/condo insurance, jewelry is covered whether it’s lost, stolen, or, in some cases, damaged.

Q. How often should I have my jewelry reappraised?

Though many insurers adjust coverage each year to account for inflation, they don’t require reappraisals. However, it’s smart to have expensive items reappraised every five years or so to account for changes in market value. 


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